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Sun Kit - Beeswrap

Sun Kit - Beeswrap

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Beeswax food wrap is the eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic wrap.

Reusable , antibacterial and biodegradable, it is used to preserve food.

From onions to household breads, including your bowls and plates, the kit is undoubtedly the most practical combo. Its different formats adapt perfectly to your daily needs.



A kit contains:

1 Small (15 x 15 cm): ½ vegetable (onion, cucumber, tomato) or cover a small bowl.

1 Medium (25 x 25 cm): cheese , cover a bowl/plate, dish that has lost its lid, large vegetable (zucchini, half avocado, pepper)

1 Large (35 x 35 cm) : cake, bread, watermelon, cover a salad bowl, small pouch for fresh herbs, snack bag

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Care :

The secret to extending lifespan is to avoid heat . Beeswax makes the fabric waterproof, making cleaning easier. Wash in cold water with mild soap as needed and air dry

It should normally last you at least a year with daily uses.

You can cut it into strips to make perfect fire starters or compost it.

100% cotton, pure beeswax from Gaspésie, pine resin, organic canola and coconut oil


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