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Individual - Beeswrap

Individual - Beeswrap

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Beeswax food wrap is the eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic wrap.

Reusable, antibacterial and biodegradable, it is used to preserve food.


Small (15 x 15 cm): ½ vegetable (onion, cucumber, tomato) or cover a small bowl.

Medium (25 x 25 cm): cheese , cover a bowl/plate, dish that has lost its lid, large vegetable (zucchini, half avocado, pepper)

Large (35 x 35 cm) : cake, bread, watermelon, cover a salad bowl, small pouch for fresh herbs, snack bag

X-large (35 x 45 cm): cake, baguette, lasagna dish

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Care :

The secret to extending lifespan is to avoid heat . Beeswax makes the fabric waterproof, making cleaning easier. Wash in cold water with mild soap as needed and air dry

It should normally last you at least a year with daily uses.

You can cut it into strips to make perfect fire starters or compost it.

100% cotton, pure beeswax from Gaspésie, pine resin, organic canola and coconut oil


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