About Us

We are three sisters, Laurence, Mathilde and Florimel, from Cap-Chat in Gaspésie, and we run a family business focused on waste reduction.

Our commitment to the environment is at the heart of our approach, and the use of our products helps limit the use of non-reusable products, such as plastic wrap and disposable containers.

In our manufacturing process, we minimize the use of plastic and prioritize recovery. We make it a point of honor to use local products to support our region. The adventure began when we set out to finance a school trip by creating our own food packaging. The success was immediate, and this is how our company was born. We are now celebrating our 4th anniversary!

Our future goal is to develop more local products for everyday life. Our products are simple and effective, designed to help you consume more responsibly. Join us in our quest for a more sustainable lifestyle, supporting local crafts and the preservation of our beautiful Gaspésie.